bates affiliation

OTCP is affiliated with the Child Studies Department at Bates Technical College. Through our affiliation with Bates, we receive a variety of educational services. We strive to plan a developmentally appropriate education program for children and offer many education opportunities to parents and families. The benefits we receive from Bates include the services of the coordinators, use of the Bates Parent and Teacher Resource Center, and other special events. We also receive training and ongoing assistance for many of our board positions, as well as a few committee positions.

The Bates Resource Center is open to all OTCP families. Information on upcoming programs is listed in the school calendar.

Our Bates Coordinator provides monthly workshops for teachers, trains and advises the board, and serves as a resource for our preschool and its families.

Read more about Bates-affiliated cooperative preschools in the Parent Cooperative Preschools Handbook.