our philosophy

Why choose a Parent-Child Cooperative Preschool?

Because parents participate in their child’s education, observing and learning right along with their child. Cooperative preschool recognizes that parents are their child’s most important teachers and offers parenting support from experienced early childhood professionals.

Old Town Cooperative Preschool believes that its primary purpose is to help preschool children learn social, physical, and emotional skills through cooperative play and planned experiences. Parents/Guardians will learn the principles of proper child development through active participation in the classroom and in parent education opportunities. Parents will also develop leadership skills through active participation in the administration of the preschool and through attendance at leadership training sessions.

  • What do children learn from Dramatic Play?
    • To play together
    • To dramatize and work out feelings
    • To extend experiences
  • What do children learn from Creative Art?
    • To be more creative
    • To explore, manipulate, and investigate materials
    • To learn about color
  • What do children learn from Clean-Up?
    • To accept responsibility
    • To be helpful
    • To appreciate cleanliness
  • What do children learn from Group Time?
    • To listen to others
    • To speak easily
    • To overcome shyness
    • To think
    • To share ideas
    • To enjoy books
    • To extend experience
  • What do children learn from Snack Time?
    • To enjoy friends
    • To learn about and appreciate food
    • To talk together and share ideas
  • What do children learn from Music?
    • To sing, play, and listen to music
    • To be free in expressing music
    • To develop a sense of rhythm
    • To enjoy music

Old Town Cooperative Preschool reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled Veteran or Vietnam era veteran in its programs and activities in accordance with college policy, and applicable federal and state statuses and regulations.